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-SMP just started taking forever!

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Past couple of days my folding has just dropped off considerably
Anybody else?
System has gone from chugging away ~ 9-12 minutes per % (with GPU2 running also)
To this:
Attachment 100736
(and That screen's from overnight when It should have been going the fastest!)
No changes to any configuration in the past week or so!

-smp flag is set
core priorities set to High (GPU2 to normal)
Is it possibly just a few bad WU's in a row?

[edit] and I just checked - my gpu2 has thrown 4 NaN's in the past 24 hrs when IT has been stably folding for a couple of weeks!!!
What The heck???

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What WU is your smp client working on? We need to know this to be able to help.

If your GPU is overclocked, it may be the cause of the GPU problem, set to default clocks and see if it happens again.

Note:- With my 8800gtx it was stable in ATI tools for upto an hour, but after folding with it for say 2 weeks solid I would get errors. I had to lower the clocks to make it stable.
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