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smp on dual core 2ghz laptop

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I have three amd dual core 2ghz laptops with 2gb ram. Is it worth it to set them up running smp in window xp? Will it finish the wu in time? I have one I just set up and it seems to be going very slowly...
What can I expect from these machines? Should I bother to set them all up?
My sig is running gpu2 on both gpus and fahmon says 6900ppd?? Does that sound right?
New to folding and trying to learn and help
Thanks in advance.
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Hello mate

As laptops don't have all that good cooling, i don't think it worth the risk of killing the Laptops!
Plus having you as keen as you are. Will help Folding more, than you killing three Laptops

Lets face it, it already cost us to Fold. The cost being electric

But we have the machines to do it
And if we don't, who can do it
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The PPD on your sig rig sounds right. You could also run SMP on your quad and pick up more points that way.

The heat of a laptop would cause me concern.
yeah, i wouldn't fold on a laptop. it's not meant to be run at 100% 24/7.
Right now i'm folding on my laptop which has a T5300 C2D. Im getting ~500PPD. I have a cooling pad on my laptop so it won't overheat. I will fold with my sig rig once i get my motherboard back from an RMA. I would be curious as to what PPD a 2Ghz laptop will get
Is 60 degrees too hot for the laptop? It has been running for an hour or so and has not gone over 60C. It is a Toshiba Satellite AMD Turion(spelling?) 2ghz dual core. I set smp at 90%
60C isn't hot at all. usually rated to 100C and like 120C til you see some serious damage.
Fahmon is telling me I'll get 700+ppd from the laptop running cores at 90% with temps of 57-60C. I think I'll leave this one running for a few days until it finishes this wu and see whether peeps think it is safe and worth it to leave it running.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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