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So COD 2 Is Rock stable after 30min

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of play with all the eye candy turned up but BF 2 crashes within 5 min any guesses The only cange is to turn HTT from 3 to 2
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Well, BF2 is a buggy as hell game, and CoD2 is basicly rock stable, so that's an issue possibly.

But you need to give us more details

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HTT (CPU) 308
Multi 9
RAM @251 MHZ
CAS Latency 3.
RAS Prechg 3
Tras cycletime 7
Bank cycle 20
Dram idyle timer 1
SPD timings 200MHz, 3.0, 3.3.8
6800GTs are timed at a mild 375/1.1
Weired also that if I switch my RAM mode in the BIOS to Manual and try to change any of the Memory timings windows wont load Ive about given up with pushing the CPU higher- Not too disappointed with 2.8 but wonder whre the wall is w/ BF 2- Which plays OK BTW if I clock down to say 2.7
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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