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So i got fed up with my itrip (iTrip dock connnector hacking)

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My itrip has been extermly low signal quality, and i just got fed up with it. I decided to find a new antenna. No pics of building, but it was my first time using a soldering iron, so it seemed to work. I just used an old telephone wire, and striped off the cables. You could easily use any cable that you wanted, but thats just what i had lying around.


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if its effective, good job. if not, theres a calculator somewhere for how long antennas should be for max effectiveness given the signal theyre putting out. might help.
I took an entire length of a telephone wire and stripped it. TBH, any length is better then the origional, but im open to any calculator. I havent found a dead spot yet in my house, including from the very back, to the front of the driveway. Its pretty powerful
Works pretty well, you need to make sure the solder for the antenna doesnt touch any other solder.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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