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So I hear....

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I'm hearing that the ASUS A8N32 SLI oc's nearly as well if not better than the DFI SLI-DR Expert..is there any validity to this claim? (plus no danger of CPU killage lol )
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I am an Asus Fan Boy of sorts--All of my rigs are Asus based--I (used to) like the BIOS configuration, they are the big name in mobos really, I like the 8 phase on that particular board, and if you are going to build an over-the-top gaming rig full x16 would be about right.

I can't see buying that technology just now because 1) it is no longer cutting edge but it's still got a premium price tag 2) newer chipsets for yet unreleased processors are pending 3) current prices for mobos like the A8n32sli will soon start falling when the latest greatest comes out.

Waiting a few month will provide either additional savings for that particular mobo, or a slew of brand new boards to drool over... it's a win, win situatiuon.
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