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So I hear....

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I'm hearing that the ASUS A8N32 SLI oc's nearly as well if not better than the DFI SLI-DR Expert..is there any validity to this claim? (plus no danger of CPU killage lol )
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Trying to Overlock my PC.
Has anybody had similar problem of Clockgen for nF4 (CG-NVNF4)?

It seemed normal with AN8-sli mobo, but after mobo exchanged for
A8N 32 sli, ClockGen comes up corrupted and unusable as per foto.
With / without firewals.

Redownloaded & un/reinstalled it several times.

Get Values were applied.
Any help appreciated.

Many Thanx

PC Home build
Asus A8N 32 sli deluxe
Bios AMI
Chipset nF4-sli
AMD 3.5+ (2.20ghz)
Corsair twinx 1024-3200 C2PT DDR SDRAM 2x512mb
MSI 6600gt 128 PCI-E
Maxtor sata 160mb
PSU 400w
XP sp2
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