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so im confused

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I just got Medal of Honor Warchest here, now ive owned the original MOHAA for years, though my disks long since shattered. I played Spherehead and Breakthrough, and Breakthrough has the better Campign as for MP it doesnt seem very diffrent than MOHAA for either of them which I might add mp is still active for this game. So someone tell me what was wrong with breakthrough besides the fact the nazi's dont drop there ammo anymore
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i really liked breakthrough, the best of the 3, have you done the pacific one yet its really good too, byw airborne sucks, good luck
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lol im an MOH fan I owned Pacific Assault and I recently sold Airborne to someone on here played and beat both on the hardest difficulty. Now I have two copies of Pacific Assault and 2 copies of MOHAA
my MOH Collection is only missing a few games

I have

Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor Underground
Medal of Honor Allied Assault + Both expansions
Medal of Honor Frontline
Medal of Honor Rising Sun
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault
Medal of Honor European Assault

missing Airborne and both Hero's I had airborne but needed money
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MOH european assault was one of my favorites, although i dont think it came out on pc.
nope PS2 and Xbox but i like it, mostly for 4 person Multiplayer though, im a crack shot with the sniper on it
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault was my first FPS
Awesome game, I still play it from time to time. MOH beats COD all the time, can't wait for the MOH game set in modern times
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