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So, I'm getting a blackberry from ebay but...

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Well, I won an auction for a Blackberry 9700 and I'll be paying $260USD for it, the guy who sells it is from my city, so I'll be able to see the device in person before giving any penny to the seller.

I just have some doubts about it, because I've seen cases of people who buy stolen blackberries (the buyers have no idea about it) and, once they start to use it, the phone gets locked once it connects to the internet because it was reported stolen.

So, What do I have to verify on the phone before buying it? how can I verify if the phone was reported stolen or missing to not fall into a scam?

any answer will be appreciated

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well if you bought it and it gets locked, rim must replace it because you technically still bought it.
but if the phone was stolen by the seller or anyone else, and they sell it to me... then what am I gonna do? again, I could report it to RIM and explain them what happened, but I'm not sure about what could happen.

What should I ask for when buying the phone? which testings should I do on it before buying it, what should I ask to the seller to make suer it's a safe product?

EDIT: The seller has good rep on ebay, so that's a good start. Stil, i'm paranoid when it comes down to used smartphones.

EDIT: Found this guide, is ii useful in this case?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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