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So is it unadvisable to burn faster than the disc is rated at ?

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I have the pioneer BDR-208DBK 15x capable on BDR's. I'm using discs Verbatim 25GB 6X BD-R model 97457. These disc are rated at 6X. I have a lot of data to burn/store and was wondering if when using IMGburn to burn these files mostly large rar files to disc is it ok to let IMGburn to burn as fast as it wants ? I tried once and I think at the highest speed it burned like at 10x.

I wanted to know if it's a bad ideal to burn higher speed than the disc is rated at and is there more chance of a bad burn when burning faster by a lot ? I'll be storing these discs away for probably for 2-3 years.
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im no expert by any means but ive always let imgburn burn those discs as fast as it wants and i haven't had a coaster yet. i think the oldest one i have burned is 1.5 years old and i haven't noticed any degradation meaning it still reads fine.
I have BDR-208DBK and using Verbatim 25GB 6X BD-R model 97457 discs and burning at 10x seems like it's more smother of a burn seems to be less slows downs and speed ups and maybe less noisy. Is that due to the burner just not like burning at 8X, but at 6x and 10x for some reason is smoother, is this normal and why ?
Well I used to burn Xbox 360 games CONSTANTLY, lowest speed was a guarantee that the game would work. 2.4* , used 10 once and the game was never launched. With you backing up your data into that with it being compressed is just not a good idea at all to be writing that fast.
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