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So what's wrong with the asetek kits?

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anything wrong with these kits?
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Really cheap quality water cooling loop. They cool about the same as a high end air cooler of the same price. They may not be able to cool an i7 CPU as well as a custom loop tho. Fragile? I've seen pics of broken barbs etc....

Also I don't believe they are expandable and even if they were, that is a really small radiator to use for more than 1 block. Pretty much everyone here will tell you not to buy pre-made and enclsoed water loops.

If you want a "kit" this is the one to look at

For less money
this is the waterchill kit btw, not the LCLC

Originally Posted by svtfmook
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this is the waterchill kit btw, not the LCLC

That doesn't change anything. If you want watercooling, do it yourself. That's the only way to do it.
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They just have a Hydor pump in that kit, which isn't that bad but they used to be pretty well known for early sudden deaths. It's just a 120mm rad, I'd personally do a 240 just for a CPU loop even if I'm using higher cfm fans, but I am a freak..
..A 120 with a push-pull can dissipate quite a bit of heat actually with the right shrouds and fans on it.

It would be a step up from a ThermalTake of that I'm sure, "but", you knew that but was coming didn't you..
..Unless you can just get it for a really cheap price I'd just set up a decent rig from the start. It costs a lot to keep upgrading parts to and once you started WC'ing you would most likely want to start upgrading that kit.

Honestly if you could get that for well under a $100 it might not make that bad a CPU only loop with that E8*** chip. Just do a good push-pull on that rad with some 100+cfm fans. Keep that pump out of your case, it's just a pond pump and they do get leaky seals on them. Then the plexi top CPU block you want to make sure no to over-tighten or you can crack it out.

At least the finally quit using 1/4" tubing on there rigs, most of the Europeans have in the past year or two. I wouldn't use that res till I made sure it's not aluminium, copper and aluminium don't play nice together, it will cause galvanic corrosion sooner then later.

If you want to price one out by the piece let the guys know max that you want to spend and they can most likely rig you up a better one cheaper buying it by the piece.
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well, svc has the cpu only for $49, a cpu/vga/chipset for $75, then larger kits with 240's and 360's

i was looking at the $75 cpu/vga/nb kit, but only using the cpu and vga
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