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So Which Processor?

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So i have decided to go quad because i have delayed the sale of my sig rig untill the new 32nm intel chips come out for the i7 and thus need a boost.

My current processor is a E7200

And the choices are

The Q9400



I thought about the Q9550 but defiantly out of my budget
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For a temporary CPU, just get the Q6600. That way you don't go crazy on a CPU that you plan to replace within a year, while still getting a quad core. What do you plan to do on this rig anyways? If only for gaming, then the current CPU that you have should be fine until you get a 32nm CPU.
Q9400. More power, runs cooler, and can OC better. I say that's worth an extra $32.
Yeah well i do game and do love my processor but i love to multi task as well and do a good bit of editing and coding
Well I would just overclock your E7200 to 4Ghz but the Q6600 is a worthy upgrade.
Q9400 is what I would go with, 45nm based, temps will be lower than the Q6600, and you will get close to 4Ghz(3.6-3.9) depending on your board
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Q9400 since this isn't a long term setup. Unless you're guaranteed a G0 Q6600 the Q9400 should overclock better (if you plan on overclocking).
I would look for a low vid Q6600 (for sale section?) and OC it.
so i guess my question is dose the Q9400 make up for its lack of cache because one it has a higher fsb 2 it has a large shared cache and 3 its 45nm
I have been think about going to a quadt for some time to...........I wont be buying a i7 for at least 3+yrs tho
Yeah i love the E7200 but i love to do many things at once and my reason not that i need one for getting an i7 32nm when they come out is i host game servers on my pc and love to fold
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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