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Socket 775 motherboard

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Hey guys, looking for a socket 775 board for a build for work (well not for actual work but for a gaming rig while at work lol). I built one on a gigabyte ud3r about 8 months ago and was pretty impressed with it.

Couple things:

Looking for a solid overclocker

Looking to not break the bank since this is a secondary pc to use at work
(it gets slow and gaming on a laptop is teh sux) So maybe around $100-$200

Oh, need some ram too. Budget of $300-$350ish for everything. I have a chip, case and power supply already. (Toss in some video card suggestions if you feel like it, doesn't need to be top of the line but I would like decent performance) So lets put the cap at $400-$500 if you suggest a video card (preferably closer to 400 but I have some room).

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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