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I started having problems with my menu buttons on my 28" i-inc monitor. The volume screen on the monitor kept popping up whenever the monitor was bumped. Then one day the brightness somehow was set itself to 0% and I couldn't get it set back to 100 because the up button was broke. I bought some Deoxit and applied it to the buttons but I used a little to much and I noticed it leaked through the panel. The up button still didn't want to work so I did a factory reset from within the OSD and it set the brightness back to 100%, but the contrast remained and I couldn't raise it any higher than 70.

So I downloaded this program called softMCCS which is supposed to be able to communicate with the monitor and enable you to access all of the features right through the GUI. I attempted to reset the brightness/contrast to factory defaults through the GUI of the program, and it dimmed the monitor. I went back into the OSD of the monitor and I noticed that the brightness was set to 102, according to the OSD, which is odd since the brightness should only go to 100.

I selected the brightness level from the OSD and tried to lower it back to 100 and and soon as I pressed the down button, the monitor instantly went black and now it only flickers on and off about every 30 seconds. I can't get the OSD menu at all now.

I have this other monitor, but it is only VGA and my video card has 2 dvi outputs. I plan to run to radioshack and pick up a dvi to vga converter and hopefully I can get the monitor working again.

It is possible the program softMMCS ruined my monitor by flashing it's eeprom wrong or or was it just dying out anyway? Wouldn't you think that the program would stay within the specs of the monitor and not adjust it outside of it's range?
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