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The problem I am seeing is that AIDA64 is reporting significant voltage dips when the system is under stress. It should usually be +12v, +3.3 and +5, while the 3.3 and 5 are more or less fine(within some percent of error), the +12v rail(or rails?) is reported to dip to as low as 11.2, which is significant. Now I am aware that software reports are incorrect, so I will be using a multimeter to verify the +12v and +5v lines.

The rig is as follows:
ASRock 970 Extreme4
[email protected]
R9 270 with a slight OC
7GB of RAM
Corsair VS550

Now, the PSU I had initially bought years ago for some Bitcoin mining equipment, so it was never intended for a PC, but alas that rig's PSU failed and I used this one. It's not like there are any problems, but I do notice that CPU clocks dip according to AIDA, under load and CPU VID never seems constant(it oscillates or drops to lower than set in BIOS).

Now, according to sources, the 270's TDP is 150w, lets round up to 200 due to the OC, and the FX6350 is usually 125w, but at 4.4GGhz and voltage increased, that must mean it has gone up, but even at 400w, that still leaves 100w or more(or less) of headroom. So...it should still be ample, I mean it's a single rail PSU, but it can deliver up to 42Amps or 500w total on the 12v line.
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