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Has anyone here ever ordered form SoftwareSurplus, and if so, what, and were you satisfied. Site seems a little fishy.
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Ya, and you know half the ebay community gets people to fake rep/feedback them. I was looking for more of a personal experience.
I too thought them too good to be true. I ordered the PHOTOSHOP CS4 Design Standard for half the cost it would normally run. I ordered it for MAC (certain of this) and received the PC version. To be honest the box was kind of beat up and looked like it may have been used.

I sent it back and e-mailed them that they got it wrong and they responded that I must have gotten it wrong. I checked and it turned out that both their PC and MAC listing for that product have the same SKU. I replied as such and have not heard back from them.

I e-mailed a week after they signed for the return and nothing. Tonight I threatened them that I would do a reverse charge on my account if I didn't get an answer.

I'm holding out because honestly it was a HUGE savings. If they do come through the first thing I will do is register the product to make certain the set is valid.

I'll post a follow up.
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Well, my dad ordered the design suite for the price of the education upgrade on adobes website.
So we got, the FULL DESIGN SUITE, for a 1/3 of the price of the actual full install.

We installed it, and it works great.
Nearly a month after I ordered it I still don't have my product. I received only one response that said the replacement would take up to 10 days from the date of return but I'm now at 3 weeks and a full month from placing the order - for which I paid extra for expedited shipping. Now I have to go through the ordeal of doing a chargeback with my AMEX card.

Worst experience I've had with an online store. I checked their reviews and it is very fishy how they always seem to score 5 stars but 9 times out of 10 no one leaves a comment. Who would go and rate someone so highly and not at least leave a simple 'great site' or 'great experience' comment?

My advice - stay away.
It is fishy that they can sell software that low in the first place....
Well, they don't have the best support or employees, but they seem legit.

And state they buy wholesale from the companies.
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