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[Sold] Asus VG278H 120Hz Lightboost 2d/3d monitor (x3)

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The Asus VG278H is a 120Hz 3d Lightboost monitor. Monitors are in great condition and in perfect working order. The monitor includes a 3d emitter, 3d glasses, all original accessories and original box. Sale is for $370 each.
  • I will take an additional $30 off if the buyer does not want the 3d glasses.
  • I will take an additional $100 off if the buyer purchases all 3 monitors together.
Shipping will be $20 to US destinations. US sales may include Paypal with a verified shipping address or money transfers. International sales will be money transfers only and shipping costs will vary.

The Lightboost feature can be used in 3d or 2d. 3d it brightens gameplay are decreases 3d ghosting. Lightboost in 2d provides ultra smooth gameplay with zero motion blur similar to the CRT motion effects. Thread on Lightboost here.

Please ask any other questions. Thanks.

Trades Accepted +Cash:
  • Water cooling rads
  • TrackIR 5.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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