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SOLD: Lian Li V1200 Plus Silver Used: $80+Shipping or local (46383)

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This is the case from my sig rig, which I am in the process of parting out and selling due to a cross country move, for which I am liquidating almost all of my possessions.

This is of course an older classic case, please see the photos. Everything works as it is supposed to, it looks good, and although bulky, it is light and therefore somewhat cheap to ship!

The bad first:
1. There is a small shallow dent in the top. I have attempted to capture it in the attached photos. (It is pretty small)
2. I only have 8 hard drive screws. Enough for two 3.5" hard drives to be mounted. However, these can be bought on frozen cpu etc for only a few dollars

The good: It's a pretty case, that is light, with wheels and a brake! The screws holding the panels on are captive, and everything works well. I really like this case, I just dont have room for it right now.

The "mod": I HATED the overly bright power LED so I cut the wires near the switch itself and inserted a spot for a jumper. If a jumper is in place, it acts normally. I had it hooked up to a light sensitive resistor so that it dimmed at night, and was at full brightness at day. (Not inlcuded, I have no idea where it went, but they are cheap) - I can put a jumper in and it would be normal, other than a bit of extra wiring. See the photos again for this. I haven't changed anything else.

You may notice in the photos that I still have a DVD RW+- drive (SATA) and a card reader/usb port panel in an adapter. I can include these both with the case for $5 each. ($5 sata optical drive, $5 card reader & slot adapter for a total of $90+shipping)
Yes it is used, yes there are wear marks inside etc, and cable management bits that I will leave for you to do what you will with.
Shipping: We can arrange that over PM, or you can also pick up locally in Valparaiso Indiana, 46383

PM me or post any questions or offers you may have! Thanks!