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Hey everyone,

I recently had a motherboard USB failure, and since i've been using my laptop alot more lately, i've decided to part out my 750d full tower waterloop.

I built the PC myself, and have a short log in my signature if you're interested in reading up a little about the PC's journey and timeline of the parts from purchase.

For Sale :

Intel 6700k Lapped and delidded with der8auer Die mate $180 + Shipping!!

Internal TIM replaced with Coollaboratory Pro, then reseated with UHU high temperature silicone glue

cannot locate retail box, will include spare Intel processor box that i have laying around.

Processor in great condition, was not beaten or used roughly.

quick testing and overclocking have shown that 4.9 and 5.0ghz is achievable, with normal waterloop, i can't remember the voltage, but it wasn't outrageously high. even the asus stock OC wizard brought it pretty close to that if i recall correctly.

Good trader history preferred aswell. thanks guys!

PS. If you take a look at my posting history, i have a few other FS threads, which include :

2x GTX1080's w/ EK Waterblocks
64GB of DDR4 3200mhz Dominator Platinums
Supremacy EVO LGA1151 CPU Waterblock
Samsung 950 PRO 512GB and 850 PRO 1TB
Bitspower Black Nickel Fittings
Gentle Typhoon AP15's
AX860i w/ custom MDPC Sleeving (heatshrinkless method)
EK XRES 250 w/ d5 Pump
Alphacool Radiators 120/240/360mm

Thanks again guys!


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