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solid budget card?

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doing a build for a friend.he needs a card that can play movies and game.but it needs to be hdmi and play on a large lcd tv.(42inch+ lcd).is a 5770 powerfull enough to get the job done?
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thx,im trying to aim toward future games.think ill be teaming it with a 790x mb.
excellent choice and should be a strong combo
Sounds like a good choice to me. Given that it's DX11 and should last a while before another upgrade, and if he wanted he could even get a second one down the line.
5770 should be a dam fine choice; and will handle a lot of games @ 1920x1080

Does your friend game a lot or specifically what kind of games does he play? If it's mostly RTSs etc then you could get away with a lot less (and HD playback still wouldn't be an issue)
5770 would be an excellent choice and would get the job done

Also 5770 is great bang for bucks.
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Agree with all of above. 4890 is also a great choice if you don't really care about DX11.
was going to go with the 4890,its been a great card for me.but im going to move toward dx11 so he wont get screwed with anything new comin out.
You could also get him a 5750, you can get a 5750 Vapor X for $149.99 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...-865-_-Product) or you could get an HIS one with Dirt 2 and HIS Tool for $144.99. (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...-307-_-Product) The HIS card comes with free shipping too
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Like coolrock said, a 5750 is pretty good, and cheaper. On the other hand a 5770CF does have power while a 5750CF is a bit stupid to get, better get a single 5850 then..
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