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Yo boys and girls!
I noticed already 5-6 topics of people getting PC freezing problems, so I though it might be a good idea to clarify.

- Does your PC freeze without reason, making an hard-reset the only possible solution?
- Does your PC work wonderfully, but it seems like it's waiting until you go AFK for a minute and when you come back *MAGIC* everything is f***'d up?

Well let me say that 95% of the times, it is a RAM PROBLEM.

Also, I noticed it might be a Corsair-related problem, but I'm not sure about it. Anyway, here are some tips and solution that might get you out of troubles:

1. Check the sticker on the back of the RAM DIMMs. Here's an example:

Do you see those 9-9-9-24? There you go, those are the timings recommended by the constructor. Go into your BIOS, and make sure to change the timings to the specified ones. This solved my issue.

2. Try to raise/lower the RAM frequency. I've heard that the new SB processors runs fine on a 1333MHz freq. Nonetheless, I changed mine to 1600MHz without changing the voltage. This might solve your issues as well, but if you have high frequencies, setting a lower one might help as well. Play with them

3. Another user, jokebook, had this issued solved by raising the voltage of the RAM. Even though the RAM is rated to run 1.5v, it might be set to work at 1.49~ish, not giving them enough tension. Again, enter your BIOS and raise the VRAM value just a step above 1.5v. Please note that changing the value above 1.65v can damage your components, but having it just a small little above 1.5v will be safe, don't worry.

In the end, running a memtest can be useful, your RAM might have some errors, but in general if your sticks are brand new you shouldn't meet any of them.

Hope this will "warm up" your PC freezes (
), and if it doesn't, reply here and we'll try to work out something else =)

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Please answer this! I just built my new rig with nice parts and it plays lovely but it crashed every 10min-5h. It's random but mostly during games. I need a solution for this because im going nuts:S parts are:
Cpu:i7-3930k-16gb corsair vengeance ram, Asus rampage 4 extreme motherboard, gpu: gtx 680 dc2, psu: 850 watts corsair modular thx, ssd 120gb force gt and a 3TB seagate hdd.

XMP is set to 9-9-9-24 1.5v, bios is the latest, did firmware for ssd, reinstalled windows and everything else. I tried having the ram down to 1333Mhz instead of 1600.

Someone solve this and ill send you my old motherboard with its cpu and ram on it. (x58 gigabyte.6gb ddr3 and a i7 920.)
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