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Hi All Who Read This
Bought the Take Classic 5.1 home theater speaker set "from amazon" on sale and a Denon AVRS920W-Refurbished 7.2 from "accessories for less" it has an "Bronze" Audyssey microphone for auto calibration which ill be using.
need a step by step guide on the best option how to connect it all or just post your directions here so i can go by it.
soundcard: SoundBlaster Z, MB Asrock X99 extreme4, Graphics card: evga sc 1080TI, CPU: 5960X not sure if that info is needed but there it is.

from a few google searches I have 3 options?


HDMI, which is my least favorite route to go from what ive read. don't know how wiring for it would run except hdmi from card to receiver, and I see going HDMI route the graphics take a hit? and makes your card work harder plus seems like its giving ppl various issues. the receiver has 8 hdmi connections and it says 2.0 beside them so that means it can only do 2 speakers via hdmi?

Analog, sounds like my best option. have the general idea but don't know correct way to wire it beyond + goes to+ an - goes to - can i connect all speaker negatives to each other? and then 2 front speakers on one positive connection? same with 2 back or surrounds, and then center an subwoofer? that is three leads ending in 3.5mm jacks. or is it 2 leads for each pair of speakers?

Can i connect these speakers straight to SoundBlaster without a receiver?

Ive seen some articles talking about connecting all the speakers to the subwoofer which has me confused.

had some help from another forum lol
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