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I bought this dell T320 for pretty damn cheap to use as an ESXi host. I don't think the guy knew what exactly he was selling because he mentioned in the post that it has an "HBA controller" but what he didn't mention is that it was a H710 with a healthy battery..

One problem that I realized when I got home was that it's missing a drive cage that slides in like the picture below. I asked the guy about it and he isn't sure if he can find it cause the server has been in storage at his company for over a year and the drives were pulled out for destruction.. And I'm assuming they pulled the drive cage too.

Does anyone know of any drive caddies that would fit in here? Or can think of any creative idea to store ~4 or 5 drives? I'm a bit lost. I was hoping I could find the drive cage on ebay but I didn't have any luck.

EDIT: SOLVED. The guy I bought it from found the tray.
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