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[Solved] Mounting Micro Res V2?

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So I've been attempting to put these U brackets onto my Micro Res, and the silly mounting instructions say I need to place a rubber washer between the U-Bracket and the "ear" on the Res. My dilemma is that no matter what, I cannot seem to get this dumb washer between the two. I'm not sure if I should ignore the washer or keep trying.

Any help's appreciated.

P.S. Mounting guide is here, page 3.: http://www.swiftnets.com/products/in...R0-rev2-EN.pdf
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Just stick in the bolt part way into the bracket. Put the washer onto the bolt.
Bring in the res to the bracket, then if needed, pull slightly back on the bolt until the res slips in.
And you could bend the tabs on the bracket out slightly if the fit is really tight.
Then when you tighten it up, it will pull it back tight again.
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Thanks guys, I figured it out. Wow, what an annoying design.
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