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I just got done installing Windows 7 Ultimate on my new SSD I just got today. I am setting everything up, and I can't find my 1 TB Internal HDD. As the picture shows, Device Manager reads the device, tells me its working properly, but doesn't show up in My Computer's Hard Disk Drives. How do I get my computer to read it? I completely formatted the drive via Windows 7 setup and then continued to install Windows 7 on my SSD with a "brand new" formatted media drive.

Help me get my drive to show up



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You need to (1) initialize the disk and then (2) create a partition and then (3) format the partition and then (4) assign a drive letter.

All this is accomplished from Disk Management.

Right-click "My Computer", select "Manage", select "Disk Management"

Alternatively: | Start | Run | diskmgmt.msc

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