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I received my CaseLabs SMA8-A a while ago and this will also be my first casemod. I was waiting for the blank I/O attachment for the I/O panel before I could start.

The first thing I want to do is to attach a Smart Card reader to the I/O panel, somehow. I'm trying to figure something out and don't mind any ideas either.

I bought a 3.5" bay reader, dismantled it and scavenged the PCB inside (7th, last pic). As you can see it has (6th pic) two holes on both sides, so attaching it to something shouldn't be very hard.
On the 5th and 4th pic you can see how it looks from the out- and inside.

On the 3rd pic I'm showing how it should end up eventually.
On the 2nd pic you see the obstacle I have. I ordered a blank I/O for this mod. I have no use for USBs, HDMI or audio in the front. I do use a Smart Card every day pretty much.
On the 1st pic you see the I/O bracket on the left, blank I/O attachment on the right and rum on top.

I'm gonna buy a dremel for this, BUT I'm 100% sure that I'm unable to cut a straight 2mm x 6cm line into the blank attachment. Hopefully you're not all surgeons here and have some clever tricks how to do that.
If I have to buy some additional hardware to achieve this, I will.


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