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Some games lag on a good computer (gmod/css)

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I noticed that my fps in gmod is lower than my friends, but i have better pc.
Gmod maps like (ttt_minecraft_b5 30FPS, ttt_rooftops 20FPS), and on Css when i go to servers that have alot of people in (~18FPS).

GTX 660ti pe oc Twin Frozr 2GB MSI
i7 920 @2.67Ghz
8GB RAM (1333Mhz)
SSD 512GB 540mb/520mb read/write

Have Tryed:
Updating BIOS
Updating all drivers

While playing CPU and GPU usage dont go over 50%
Temperature isnt high either.

If there is something i could do please tell me.

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specs of your friends pc would help and it could be your internet try single player games with bots and see if it does it.
what driver version are you using?
Shouldn't be internet cause i have 50/80mbit/s (hosting 4 servers and everything is fine)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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