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Some help please :)

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I consider my self a newbie audiophile, if that. I know enough not to buy certain headphones and what make headphones better.

Anyway, I have some Sen. HD 201s right now and I asked for "HARMAN K81DJ AKG Closed-Back Folding DJ Headphones", for x-mas.

Before I ask any questions, this is what I use my headphones for, starting from what I use them the most for.

  • Gaming on my xbox 360 using a logitech audio adapter
  • Gaming on my laptop
  • Music & Audiobooks
    • I use winamp w/ DFX audio enhancer
    • I listen to rap the most, then rock genres and classical.
  • iPod 5.5g
My friend just got the Audio Technia ATH-A700 headphones they are a huge improvement over my $20 HD 201s but, while the bass is present and crisp, I think I want a tad more bass in my cans, but not so much that it ruins the music.

Now my question is, are the HARMAN K81DJ AKG headphones right for me? And are they the best for the price range.

Also, are there any good pocket amps or something that would improve my experience like a toslink connection(?)(My friend told me it would improve my audio b/c its digital?) and could I use it while gaming?

Thank you!
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If you got a big head, don't bother with the K81/K518DJ's as they clamp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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