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Hello all,

Sorry If this is the wrong board. Or even the wrong forum. But I came here to ask first because I know how smart you all are

Anyways, I have two games ( that I have noticed ) that is giving me a strange graphical anomalies. Its really bothering me because It makes the game so ugly I dont want to play.

The two games, Crysis Warhead and GTAIV, Have a strange ugly multi-colored motion blue on the edge of objects. So for example, When I am running in Crysis and my arms and gun are moving up and down there is a multi-color "aura" around them trailing to the motion. Or in GTA IV when I move the camera around, the buildings ( the one im near not the ones out in the distance ) leave a multi-color ( more like blues and greens ) trail of motion.

I can take a screenshot if I must but I assumed that someone here probably knows what the issue might be just from the description.

It seems to me it might be some kind of AA + motion blur issue. Since it deals with movement and the outside of objects. But I'm not sure.

This happens with or without a GPU overclock. My CPU has always been stable at its current overclock and I have done the necessary stress tests to make sure.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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