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These will pose some restriction, but they allow you to run loud fans (XSPC 1650rpm fans for example) at 12v and still have pretty decent airflow with a lot less noise (Tested on 3 XSPC "Xinruilian" 1650RPM fans at 12v)

Each package includes (1) foam filter at 600mm x 380mm (6.35mm thick) (24" x 15" / 0.25" thick)

Most filters at Performance PC's and FrozenCPU are between 3 and 5mm thick, but are 3 to 5 times more expensive.


These filters at Wal-Mart are $0.96 each, whereas at FrozenCPU they're $5.99 (19" x 15.5" / 0.19" thick)


Bump if you end up buying some of these and trying them out, once my system is finished I'll post some thoughts on how restrictive they are (I'm using these filters with fans that have pretty good static pressure), so YMMV

I just installed these into my M8 and the black color matches the color of the case perfectly, I'll post some pics this weekend when I get the rest of my kit in the mail

Edited after testing with some XSPC fans
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