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Some parts, can you direct me?

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I wanted to make a Wanted post about this, but I don't quite have the rep, but I have plenty of posts, but does anyone know where I can get this black tubing shown here, I only want to buy a little bit of it as my psu is fully sleeved.


And I was wondering if I should buy some of these for my antec 900, they seem kind of tight right now:

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could try local stores for that tubing, but if they are tight than id buy them so you dont shake them off one time during use. actually idk if that would even do anything now that i think about it.. but hey they are cheap!
home depot or lowes might have it, or a local hardware shop
when in doubt: mcmaster.com
I have been to that site, it seems like there is too much and it is hard for me to find what I want, lol.
yeah with over half a million stock items, the site can be a bit daunting but ince you get used to its the best thing since chicks. they have GREAT customer service so you can always email or call and the will direct you to the parts you need
That's split tubing and can be found almost anywhere there's a plumbing or a HVAC section. If you can't find it it at a home improvement store or hardware shop, just ask where the split tubing is, and some sales person can lead you to it (you'll usually only find the black and blue variety there, the UV and rainbow colored ones you have to get online).
Ok, now I am just in need of finding 2 Pin Female-Male Extensons, you know the ones for the HDD LED, Power Switch, Reset Switch Button. I need to make mine longer. But that site has like 9$ shipping for 9$ worth of cables that are really like 3$ worth.
Convoluted tubing can be bought from Walmart, in the electrical aisle of the automotive section. While you are there you can pick up some 22 ga wire that you can use to lengthen your led cables with.
Actually, I found some old pc wiring that I will be using, seems like it is the same ga wire as the system has. I have good soldering skills, but how will I take the top off the antec 900? Any tips?

I am going to try to get some funds together to purchase this:

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