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some parts showed up !

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just got the ups shipment of the first part of this new build

1 E6600
1 Evga 680i mobo

what am I looking for on the box for the CPU as far as date goes ...I know that some e6600 are better than others when it comes to OC. anyone know how I tell what "week" chip I have and which ones are good.
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anyone I'm really hoping i got a good one
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On the CPU itself all the numbers are there, including the week number.
Not sure where the week number is though...
ok I got some #'s there is a batch # on the box that is L630b013 not sure if that can be translated into the week # but it is also the same as the one on the chip it self
yeah 30b is what your looking for, i cant remember if those are bad good or somewhere in the middle, well they are all good i guess, they all seem to oc like craxzzzy
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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