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Some questions about my XFX 8800 gs and SLI

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Well, I am barely considering buying another 8800 GS for SLI. I've got some questions:

1) Is my motherboard (ASUS P5K-SE) compatible with SLI? (I searched in internet before asking this, but I didn't found an answer) (if the answer is no, then you don't need to answer the other questions)

2) Will it be fine if I decide to buy one, but from another manufacturer?

3) If I buy the 768MB, will it work better in SLI with my current 384MB card?

4) Is my power supply enough for SLI two 8800 GS's? (PowerCooler 550w (REAL w) )

5) Will it be comparable to ... let's say ... a GTX 260 in performance?

6) I managed to make Crysis run at "high" (with Ultra Config 1.3 tweak) at 25 FPS Average (according to Crysis benchmark) (that, taking into consideration all the info I read about my card before, this is quite impressive). Can I somehow make it run at 30 FPS average (without overclocking my card to the limit
) ?

7) Final question: is it worth it? or should I wait to buy a DX 11 card in the future?.

thanks people
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