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Some questions about my XFX 8800 gs and SLI

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Well, I am barely considering buying another 8800 GS for SLI. I've got some questions:

1) Is my motherboard (ASUS P5K-SE) compatible with SLI? (I searched in internet before asking this, but I didn't found an answer) (if the answer is no, then you don't need to answer the other questions)

2) Will it be fine if I decide to buy one, but from another manufacturer?

3) If I buy the 768MB, will it work better in SLI with my current 384MB card?

4) Is my power supply enough for SLI two 8800 GS's? (PowerCooler 550w (REAL w) )

5) Will it be comparable to ... let's say ... a GTX 260 in performance?

6) I managed to make Crysis run at "high" (with Ultra Config 1.3 tweak) at 25 FPS Average (according to Crysis benchmark) (that, taking into consideration all the info I read about my card before, this is quite impressive). Can I somehow make it run at 30 FPS average (without overclocking my card to the limit
) ?

7) Final question: is it worth it? or should I wait to buy a DX 11 card in the future?.

thanks people
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Originally Posted by linskingdom View Post
1. P5K is P35 board so can't do SLI.
2. Yes. They are the same but different mfg have their warranty ans service.
3. Goes to the 386 ram.
4. Haven't used it before. 8800GS is a 95w GPU. With sli scale and what you have, need a psu can do 300w on 12v.
5. 8800GS SLi can't compare with GTX260
6. Don't think so.
7. It is your call because the price is around $50.
1) oh f*** >_<
2) nice to know

4) ok, I assume my PSU would resist it


7) Where I live everything is f***in overpriced. Just imagine that the GTX 295 is 850 dollars here, and here we don't have dollars as national money unit, so it would be 4 times that price for me. ... a 8800 gs is 135 dollars (which in real value in my country would be 540 "pesos". Just imagine buying a not so great card for 540 dollars in your country.

thankx for the answer. I think I'll wait till DX11 and Windows 7 comes

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Originally Posted by sgdude View Post
u cant do sli 2x8800gs on that mobo
you could sell your 8800gs for $60 and look for a used 9800GTX+ for like $120
so that would cost the same as getting another 8800gs
mmm ... I think I just prefer to wait for DX 11, anyways I was asking just to know, I won't have much time to play games this year anyways, so my next upgrade can't wait.

thanks for your answer anyways
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