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My network has grown and I want to add in a switch. (5-8 ports)

I have a more that adequate WiFi router that I want to use just for WiFi and up my LAN to gigabit.

I don't want to purchase an expensive commercial switch but don't want an el-cheapo drop-out !!

Can anyone give me some suggestions to a good, affordable, reliable basic switch that will give me gigabit LAN?
PoE would be nice!!


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Originally Posted by herkalurk View Post

I have a tplink, they are cheap and I haven't had issues yet.
Yes. We use 3 at work, 1 under each desk.

Couldn't find an amazon.ca link, but here's the .co.uk one for you

They're only 100Mbit but we get exactly 100Mbit through them. I'd highly recommend them. Very very good value for money. 2 year warranty too.

You can't even buy a cup of coffee for that much in some places.
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