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I was recently doing some benchmarks and I noticed Coretemp and speedfan read 10* higher than realtemp and everest. 10* difference would make my idle temps pretty awful, should I be concerned or is this just a software issue?

speedfan reads 36* idle/ 58* load
coretemp reads 34* idle/ 56* load

realtemp reads 24* idle/ 44* load
everest reads 21* idle/ 42* load
hardware monitor (came with motherboard) reads 24* idle 44* load

also, the PWM fan isn't under much load, for gaming it may spin up a little bit but it hasn't gone "full speed" at all since I got a different case with better airflow.

I'm assuming that the motherboard uses the bios temp readings and is probably the most correct? if it was hitting 36* idle and 58* load the fan would probably be going all out because I have it set through bios to shut off at 60* and the auto controller is set to be sensitive and aggressive on the cooling.

but I want to make sure I'm not roasting my new chip, either.

*EDIT* for the nit pickers my room temperature is controlled at about 19-20*c and I used occt to load the system. Idle has no open programs and I have virtually nothing running in the background.

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Originally Posted by Bazmecc
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most likely software...it all depends what TJMax they use

Just to clarify for the OP -
the chip doesn't actually report temp, it reports "distance from TJMax" - problem is, TJMax isn't clear for every chip, so each program guesses differently.

As stated, the latest versions all get it pretty much right..
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