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Heh, this is something i use on my forums when i cant be bothered to flame someone. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and if you think its worth it, I need some rep =)

[X] Clueless Newbie
[] Loser
[] Spammer
[] Inmature
[] Pervert
[] Nerd
[] l337 d00d/"vet"
[] Other

You Are Being Flamed Because:
[] You posted a Nudity thread (anime or normal).
[] You whine like a *****.
[] You started another thread to beat an already dead horse.
[] You bumped a thread from the last page.
[] You started an off-topic thread.
[] I think what you posted is lame and stupid.
[] You posted a "YOU ALL SUCK" message .
[] You don't know which forum to post in.
[] You don't know how to spell properly.
[] You posted false information.
[] You posted something totally uninteresting.
[] You double posted.
[] You posted a message all written in CAPS (oR aLtErNaTe CaPs).
[] You posted a X > Y thread. LAME.
[] I don't like your tone of voice.
[] You wrote a nonsense topic
[X] You don't know anything about what you are posting
[] You dared to compare tibia with other online game
[] You wrote in the proposal board an idea copied from RUNESCAPE

To Repent, You Must:
[] Give up your AOL Internet account
[X] Bust up your modem with a hammer and eat it
[X] Jump into a bathtub while holding your monitor
[X] Actually post something relevant
[X] Apologize to everybody on this forum
[] Go stand in the middle of an intersection

In Closing, I'd Like to Say:
[X] Get a life
[] Never post again
[] I pity your dog
[X] I think your IQ must be 6
[] Take your crap somewhere else
[] Do us all a favor and jump into some industrial equipment
[X] Go play Dress-Up Barbie Online
[] All of the above

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most of us know what were talking about and those who dont learn from us very quickly...

even the stuff thats usually guaranteed to start a flame war doesnt happen here... such as nvidia vs ati, intel vs amd, etc... were an overclocking forum and thats our purpose... we arent some run of the mill forum with a billion categories just asking for trouble

were here cause we enjoy overclocking, talking about hardware, etc.

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feel free to use it if necessary... lol

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Btw incase you didnt get from the post, im currently g-mod on the largest hacksite for an onlone mmorpg called tibia. Heh heh, thats why the comment "You dared to compare another online game?" is there

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Originally Posted by TwEaK_MoNkeY

that was the biggest waste of time reading that joke, it wasnt even funny

just cos u dont like it there is no reason to start hearling abuse

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Heh, one minute im being told the forums dont get flamers, and then my post is being flamed? That gave me a laugh.

This wasent meant to be a joke, thats why i wrote "Something for you to sue on your forums"

Oh and double poster. <Tweak Monkey or whatever>


(a) Suck?
(b) Suck and make double posts
(c) Suck, Make double posts and should shutup because your unfunny criticism is not needed on these boards, and should trap your testicles in a vice while singing Yanky Doodle?

I Vote For C
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