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something wrong my GTX 285s?

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Hi guys,
last night I was browsing the web with my I7 sig rig and I heard a weird sound which was one of my cpu fans (against the cooler) I tried to fix it my wiggling and moving it a bit and may have tilted my noctua heatsink a bit. Then the next day I tried to turn on my computer and it starts normally with all the leds fans, graphics cards etc but the monitor didn't recognize the computer. I tried switching monitors, vga cables, dvi adapters, took out all the ram except one, took out the graphics cards and tried to put either one in different pci-e slots, I dis-connected all peripherals my post code is b8 or bF I'm not sure since the b kind of looks like a 6. so it's either 68 and 6F or b8 and bF.
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I don't know if I can make a call here, but it does not sound good...
I tried to take out the cmos battery, I took it out for 1 hour, put it back in booted my computer but it still didn't work any ideas?
I need some serious help here. I hate to be without my computer.
does the comp at least turn on?

edit: stupid question

hmm did you try with different PCI-E cables?
no I will try that later on but I'm not sure if it's the graphics since the green light turns on when the computer starts. (on the graphics card)
If it turns green, it means ample power is being transferred to the card.

If neither card works on the mobo, then I doubt its your graphics card

I doubt its the PSU then

Not the Harddrive if you cant even make it to BIOS

I doubt its the RAM

See if its the CPU if theres been any burning or discoloring. Check the pins as well

Finally check the mobo

Normally this is to do with clearing the mobo, but.

Do this...

1) Turn off PC
2) Take out power supply
3) Put jumper to reset position
4) Leave for a minute
5) Put jumper back in position
6) Power up

If that doesn't work, then doa full CMOS reset, between part 3 - 4 take the battery out of the mobo (with your board, you can just unclip it and it will stay in the socket, but it won't be connected) leave it for an hour, then put it back in.

Try that.
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When you wiggled the fan was the pc off??

I would recommend reseating the noctua, and if that doesnt work see if you can find a computer to test your cards in...

It sounds to me like you may have sent a small static charge to the board, I think your cards are ok as neither works (sounds strange) so it sounds like the motherboard pci-e slot...
If you were wiggling your Noctua with enough force that you think you might have 'tilted' it, then I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you've damaged your motherboard.
you might have shorted your mobo.. is very inportant guys to turn off all power before workng with a pc. we do get kind of confident and do all sorts of things to our systems while is running but just a little mistake could short a motherboard or gpu. =(
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