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Originally Posted by confusi0n

Hmm... after some thought this sounds like a failed idea. I might be able to salvage an old fridge or a freezer in the near future though. Maybe i should just throw a freezer in the loft and fill it with copper coils, heh. Think that would give me very good cooling? Not very economical though,


I give you credit for floating an original idea out there, and being willing to see the negatives in it.

My take is that the physics might be fine, but not the economics--sort of like solar electricity. I'm guessing that if one compared the extra cost of your rig over a boffo radiator, versus the energy saved by your rig, it just wouldn't pay itself back. And it's not portable, and it's unlikely the next resident would care about your unique set up, so hard to recoup costs.

But kudos for originality and open-mindedness.

Stay cool.
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