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Which one ?

Sony Ericsson K850 or W960 ???

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I like the k850. the design is cool, havent took the time to read everything on it tho.
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Sony Ericsson K850 has a better battery, 5 MP camera, yet less bulky than W960.
Cybershot for sure..its a digital camera and its not like it cant play mp3s..so its a walkman aswell..and there you have it.
They seem very similar in specs and vote ratings, but the CyberShot has the better camera. That said, I like the design of the Walkman much more and I don't really need more than 3 megapixels myself.
sick, can the K850 match the N95 performance wise and how much will it cost?
Sorry, I can't pick up N95 over K810/K800

Just K850/W960
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I'm looking to upgrade my W950i to a W960i as soon as it comes out. The 8GB swings it for me, and the A2DP headset that comes with it.

Originally Posted by dannyyboii View Post
I have the K800i at the moment. K850 will be my next phone.
me too, its about time for an upgrade =P
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