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Hi peoples,

I've had this system for 3 months and it wasn't getting used to much with the TV because my missus didn't know how to work it and I'm not allowed to touch the remote controls lol.

So instead of it collecting dust i moved my PC into a spare bedroom. its 10 feet x 11 feet. Its not the biggest!

This system is brilliant for $906 Australian Dollars. When hooked up to the TV it made the tv/movies so much more depth and immersion. It was ridiculous to me how much a difference it made. My missus could hear it but with the Footy on its awesome. With the computer and gaming its incredible too! noises are easy to pin point! explosion rattle you and the windows I'm waiting for my missus to loose it lol. Music sounds great as well. Not a bad sound stage for what it is. installation was simple with a HDMI out of the graphics card to the Game input in the receiver. I then went to NVIDIA profile and enabled sound out from the HDMI port, then enabled it as default player in Playback devices and configured it to 7.1 and tested.

Here are some pics-

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