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Sony-receiver-calibrate-microphone - Should I keep it?

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I have a Sony Calibrating Microphone that came with my receiver. I was wondering if I need it. I already have a AT2021 Condenser Mic, which I believe should work with the receiver.

Should I sell it? or does it work well enough that I should utilize it?
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Originally Posted by listen to remix;14241767
I was going to try until I read the Sony Manual. It says, "Connect only the supplied optimizer microphone AUTO CAL MIC jack. Do not connect other microphones to this jack." Damn... lol I read other manuals online and they said it may damage the receiver. Do you think there is any truth to this or is this warning only to deter consumers from buying calibrating microphones of a different brand?
I'm pretty sure the supplied microphone is designed for room calibration(look at the structure of the microphone). It's possible that the receiver jack is designed specifically for that microphone.

Just curious, what made you want to use another microphone instead of the supplied one?
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