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Sony Vaio Vgn-A O/C Problem Help !

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Hi..My Laptop :

Sony Vaio VGN-A130B : 1.5Ghz Dothan , i855PM Chipset ..

Clockgen Downloads: =) CG-CY28346 and CG-ICS952618

Processor Properties

O/C ClockGen My Laptop Problem



Please Help Me ?
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Regardless of the "payoff" of even POSSIBLY being able to overclock your laptop, it's just not suggested nor is it even that terribly feasible.

Do you have any idea what your processor loads at currently temperature wise?

Now...if the laptop was a hand-me-down (ie. free), and you wanted something to do in your spare time, do what slayer said...see what it will do, but if you actually paid for it and use it, don't bother. The consequences far outweigh the benefits.
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