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So my current monitor has withstood the test of time. It has been my primary pc monitor for 10+ years. Unfortunately its starting to get a darkish spot which I assume is a sign of impending death.

I've been trying to figure out what is a comparable monitor today with very little luck.

The current monitor is 1080p and old, but from my distance of view 2-3 feet there is no visible pixels. There is no flicker and has very minimal eye strain. I often am sitting in front of it for 12+ hours depending on my work day. I use it for work (programming), Gaming, and movie watching(6-7 feet distance).

To be honest, most screens today don't seem to have these traits.

I am unable to find any stores which can demo the Korean variants out there today.

I keep finding reviews for the following:
Wasabi Mango UHD

I guess my current concerns with the current technology are:
Flicker and eye strain(long viewing duration)
4k support and how it'll effect my gaming experience. (running on a GTX 980m)

Are there any other monitors out there or TV's that would pass as a monitor today?
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