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Sound card to go with my set-up

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So, I'm deciding what the sound set-up is going to be for my computer, and I think I want to have Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Open Air headphones for gaming, and Logitech Z-2300 speakers for listening to music and watching videos and whatever else.

My question has two parts, what sound card would be good for both gaming for headphones (1st priority) and the 2.1 speakers? Im looking to spend under $150 but if there is a really good card within reach of that I'll be willing to go a little over.

Also, would it be a problem for the card switching between the speakers and headphones at all? Is there equipment out there that does an easy switch between the two modes of input that doesnt interfere with sound quality at all?

Thanks a lot, OCN!
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X-fi titanium Fatal1ty for $124.99 and it comes with a free headset. Then sell the headset for like $35.
Im wary of buying anything with the Fatal1ty branding... I have not heard good things
i just got a Auzentech Xfi Forte on sale now for 109.99 @ the EGG. awesome soundcard only beaten by Xonar Essence which is Headphone based.

I have the Z2300s and Senn PC 350 headset it amazed me how much better than my evga x58 onboard sound was.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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