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SoundBlaster Titanium HD playback disappearing.

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So the Sound blaster Titanium HD in my sigrig is giving me some issues.

The analog Playback device has disappeared, so I can't play sound out of it. The SPDIF output in the sound control panel is still there, as is the Recording device.
I don't have any SPDIF devices to test with, but the analog recording doesn't appear to be working, either. Trying to open the Creative Control Panel results in it complaining about not having a device to open.

A reboot did not fix this issue.

I have had this issue at least once in the past, and I think removing the card, booting, then putting it back in fixed it. But I worry about this becoming a habit and wouldn't mind getting this fixed without opening the thing up. Does anyone have experience with this problem? I've heard there are alternate drivers out there for SB cards. Are any of them better, and support the Titanium HD?

In the short term, I'm using the line out from my LCD monitor, but I have a radio show on Scenesat coming up next week and need to get this thing working again.
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