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Sparkle Video Cards

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I had bought a Sparkle 9800gt video card about 3 weeks ago. It now artifacts and hitches very badly in games. I had every single update, and even went back and tried older drivers. No luck.

So I emailed their 48hr customer service about the issues. 4 days later they sent this


My video card hitches, and artifacts during games. I updated all drivers and still wouldn`t work. I put in my old video card GeForce 7900gt, and it works just fine.

I need to get the new video card fixed or replaced.

Dear sir,
Please contact your local supplier and replace with a new one. thanks."

That was the entire email I got back. I have never showed up at another retail store, to get something replaced that I had bought from another place.Not to mention the video card is no where around where I live. I got it off of newegg, and it's past the 30 day return.

I'm at a loss. What in the world do I do. haha
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Reply to the email and say exactly what you just said to us.
I agree with Penicilyn, but change "their" "to your"

We don't take no for an answer.......no thank you....okee-dokee!
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You know it's not Sparkle's responsability to service the cards. It's the store that sold it to you that must take care of it. Sometimes manufacturers service VID cards themselves, but it's not a rule by any means. What would happen if Gigabyte would have to ssure service for all broken mobos and VID cards? The brokens are around 5%, so from around 1M they'd have to fix 50000 cards a month. They outsource such services as RMA to newegg, or any other retailer.
get riva tuner and wack the fan up full blast and see waht happens?
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