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Speed fan question........

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What is the difference between the CPU temp and the Core temp? CPU stays 4 degrees higher than Core in my system, but I'd like to understand what those two sensors are measuring.
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I would use Core temp over cpu temp.

the CPU temp is the general, overall temp of your cpu, however the most important readings are your individual core temperatures.

You use the Core temp to determine the thermal limit, not the cpu temp

Also cpu temp is the temp measured on the mobo, whereas the core temp is measured by sensors inside it
Ohhhh...wow, that's great, I'm running 4-5 degrees cooler than I had always thought.
So I need to monitor the Core temp when OCing is what it sounds like.
I'll drink to that!

How can it be possible that the actual core is cooler?
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I also wouldnt use speedfan for monitoring temps. If you use another utility, you mind find contradicting temperatures

I recommend using Everest, but for a free utility i recommend realtemp
I just got Everest home edition, and all the temperatures are identical to Speedfan, except for Everest doesn't show me the Core temp.

And Realtemp is only good for Intel.
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