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speedfan questions

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i have a few questions on speed fan. i was able to figure out which temp was my CPU and which was my system temp, but why is the first temp in the list always 127? and also the last one that is labeled "Core" is always really low, less than 10. if the other one is my CPU, then what is this one?
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There are a lot of temps listed in Speedfan that aren't right. The temps that are really high or really low are usually ones that aren't being reported correctly - because it's a sensor that isn't connected (or even there). No worries. I would check in your BIOS what your CPU temp is, and there is usually a temp that is similar in Speedfan. Your HDD temps you can usually find easily, just press "Configure", and you can set up which ones are displayed.

EDIT: And you can sometimes use EVEREST to compare temps, and label the ones in Speedfan accordingly.
thanks. i was comparing the temps it gave me to the temps shown by the biostar temp program, but i like that speedfan displays a temp in the tray so i don't have to keep the window open.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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