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I am assuming this is speedstep. I look at my Proc in CPU-z, realtemp etc and when no load is on it it averages around 2.5 ghz I put load on it (orthos, prime95) and it will return to my overclocked speeds.

Not sure what is happening here, it has been like this as long as I have had it and was wondering if there was a way to disable it from doing that because I am trying to get accurate readings. It actually looks like it is down clocking the FSB (Multiplier) possibly?

I checked the power settings and it looks to be in High Performance mode.

Any Ideas?

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Yes, speedstep is causing your core to lower its frequency when not in use. As far as for forcing full speed all the time you can do one of the following:

-Disable it in your bios, also disable any thing that says it will save power like CxE function or anything of the sort

-Disable it in windows
Control Panel->Power Options->Change Plan Settings (for whatever plan your currently using)->Change Advanced Power Settings->Expand Processor Power Management

-Make sure "Minimum processor state" is set at 100%
-Make sure "system cooling policy" is set to "active
-Make sure "Maximum processor state" is set to 100%
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