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Spinpoint F3 and partitions?

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Checking this thread because I'm purchasing 2x 500GB Spinpoint F3s off iandh. (Going to Raid 0)

I am currently using this motherboard:

I will be using the drives for OS/Apps/Games/Storage

Will I have a problem doing the following?

Installing OS (W7 or Vista) on a smaller partition (100gb or so) with applications.
Making a second partition (rest) for games and storage.

Can I run into problems having games on another partition than my OS? Will they still have the advantage my OS has (being on the first partition - short stroked), or will they perform a little slower due to being on a later partition of the drives?
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The spinpoint F3's are MUCH MUCH quieter than the WD blacks. I bought both to see which I liked, and ended up keeping the F3's.

They are short stroked as you mentioned and run perfect.

I am selling them now because I just picked up an intel SSD.

PM sent by the way.
This is the exact question I was going to ask, very interested in the response.
If you install the games on the second partition, they will still have the advantage of raid 0, but will not benefit from the slightly reduced access time and increased read/write of short-stroking.

In certain instances, having apps/games on a seperate partition/drive from the OS can cause trouble, but generally it is not an issue. Usually if there is a problem with it, it is well known, and so is the fix.
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